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>> Gattu
>> Zarafa  

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West Coast premiere!
(Joram Lürsen, The Netherlands, 2011, live action, 95 min)

Photo credit: Victor Arnolds

Image from "Alfie, the Little Werewolf"

On the night of his seventh birthday, Alfie suddenly changes into a fluffy white werewolf. A quirky, smart and delightful film about a young boy who suddenly develops full-moon issues. Ages 8 and up. In Dutch with English subtitles.

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West Coast premiere!
(Wolfgang Groos, Germany, 2011, live action, 80 min)

Image from "The Crocodiles: All For One"

Fans of The Crocodiles films, rejoice! The intrepid gang of kids is back for a third adventure, masterminding a high-stakes prison break that will save the life of one of their friends. Ages 10 and up.  In German with English subtitles.

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World premiere of the new score performed live by Leslie McMichael!
(Edward F. Cline, USA, 1924, live action, 61 min)

Image from "Captain January"

Peggy Montgomery (the world’s first five-year-old millionaire, churning out two-reelers and features, and becoming the subject of magazine covers, Baby Peggy dolls and look-alike contests) stars as an orphan who quite literally washes up on the shore of a wild beach, winning the heart of a crusty old lighthouse keeper who takes her in. Our presentation features a live performance by harpist/composer Leslie McMichael, who will bring the heavenly and haunting sounds of Celtic, concert and electric harps to this world premiere performance of her new score. All ages.

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Northwest premiere!
(Rajan Khosa, India, 2011, live action, 82 min)

Image from "Gattu"

In a small town in central India, a young, illiterate urchin is obsessed with flying kites and dreams of bringing down a mysterious kite named Kali that seems to rule the skies. Without money, an education or a loving family, the boy’s goal seems impossible, but with pluck and inventiveness he sets out to make his dream come true.  Ages 7 and up. In Hindi with English subtitles.

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U.S. premiere!
(Norbert Lechner, Germany/Austria, 2012, live action, 96 min)

Image from "Tom and Hacke"

A new adaptation of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, seamlessly transported to 1948 postwar Bavaria. Both those familiar with the story and those new to the thrilling yarn will delight in the characters of Tom and Hacke — two adventurous, fatherless boys who experience the thrill and terror of being on their own in a sometimes dangerous world. Ages 8 and older. In German with English subtitles.

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International premiere!
(Eduardo Goldenstein, Brazil, 2012, live action, 80 min)

Image from "Maria's Tightrope"

With a surreal style and colorful flair that recalls the magic of Fellini, Maria’s Tightrope is a gem from Brazil that follows young Maria as she must leave her happy home at the circus to live with her grandmother in the city. As she revisits memories and comes to terms with her past, Maria sets out on a journey of self-discovery, walking forward on her own tightrope line towards the future. Ages 10 and up. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

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Seattle exclusive engagement!
(Jiří Barta, Czech Republic, 2009/2012 English language version, animated, 74 min)

Image from "Toys in the Attic"

Legendary Czech film director Jiří Barta creates a fantastic and secret world in an old attic, full of discarded knick-knacks, toys and assorted junk. Peace reigns over the abandoned toys until Buttercup, a beautiful doll, is taken prisoner by an evil cabal on the other side of the attic, igniting a battle to save her and restore tranquility to the kingdom of toys.  Featuring the voice talent of Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack and Cary Elwes.  Ages 8 and older.

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U.S. premiere!
(Nicole van Kilsdonk, The Netherlands, 2011, live action, 86 min)

Image from "Taking Chances"

When her father heads to a war zone to work as a doctor, imaginative 9-year-old Kiek begins to worry. After her mother and teacher try to ease her fears by explaining the concept of statistical odds, she devises a plan that will improve her father’s chances of survival.  Ages 10 and up. In Dutch with English subtitles.

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U.S. premiere!
(Munjal Shroff and Tilakraj Shetty, India, 2009, animation, 80 min)

Image from "Krish, Trish and Baltiboy"

Set out with three loveable storytellers — Krish the cat, Trish the monkey and Baltiboy the donkey —on a colorful, exciting and very musical journey to discover Indian folktales from Rajasthan, Kerala and Punjab.  Ages 4 and up. In Hindi with English subtitles.

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(Rémi Bezançon, Jean-Christophe Lie, France/Belgium, 2012, animation, 78 min)

Image from "Zarafa"

This gorgeously colorful animated film marks the feature debut of Rémi Bezançon, who teams up here with The Triplets of Belleville supervising animator Jean-Christophe Lie to tell the thrilling story of an escaped slave boy and the baby giraffe he befriends, following them on an incredible journey from Africa to Paris. Inspired by the true story of the first giraffe to arrive at a Paris zoo in 1827.  Ages 8 and up. In French with English Subtitles.

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