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>> Buta

U.S. premiere!
Actor Bryan Renzi in attendance Saturday!
Saturday, January 25, 1 pm
Tuesday, January 28, 7 pm
(Stefan Jäger, Switzerland, 2013, Live action, 91 min)
Ages 8+. In English and Amharic, with English subtitles.
Join us on Saturday (Jan. 25) for a post-screening conversation with actor Bryan Renzi, who will discuss his experiences making the film.

Swiss soccer magnate Franz travels to Addis Ababa to promote his sport. For Admassu, a determined 12-year-old kid living on the streets, the chance to show off his ball-handling artistry to the big boss himself seems like a magic door to a future as a soccer pro.  When Franz ignores him, Admassu talks a group of thugs into kidnapping Franz, planning to style himself as the football boss’ liberator (and finally opening the door to soccer heaven). But nothing goes as planned in this wildly entertaining, moving, and thrill-packed film, shot in the beautiful villages, teeming cities, and breathtaking wilderness of Ethiopia.

Plot includes guns, swear words and a death, but has a happy ending!


Northwest premiere!
Saturday, January 25, 5 pm
Monday, January 27, 7 pm
(Jordi Mariscal, Mexico, 2012, Live action, 100 min)
Ages 8+. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Do you love Mexican cuisine? Then your mouth will water during this charming feature film about a young girl named Maria and her efforts to revive her grandmother’s restaurant and stand up for generations of traditions in the kitchen. Sometimes it takes an intrepid kid to find the ultimate recipe for success.  Filled with comical family dramas, this film was the winner of the Toronto International Film Festival’s TIFF Kids Young People Jury Award.

Screens with Caketrope of Burton’s Team (Alexandre Dubosc, France, animated, 2012)


Seattle premiere!
Sunday, January 26, 3 pm
Saturday, February 8, 1 pm
(Vincent Bal, The Netherlands/Belgium, 2012, Live action, 95 min)
Ages 9+. In Dutch, English, and French, with English subtitles.
A witty, spirited and action-packed adventure about an almost 13-year-old boy and his world of confusions, fears and fantasies. Nono longs to be a good detective like his father, a famous police inspector, but his wild nature constantly gets him into trouble. Gaby, his father’s secretary, cherishes Nono and recognizes his anguish, which comes from his lack of knowledge about his mother, who died when he was very young.
Two days before his bar mitzvah, Nono is sent off to his uncle’s house.  But once he is on the train, the over-imaginative boy seizes on one last chance to prove himself.  Together with charming international thief Felix Glick, he travels to the French Rivera and enters a world of disguises and crazy pursuits, crossing paths with the famous singer Lola Ciperola (played by Isabella Rossellini) and Zohara, a mysterious woman whose secrets will forever change Nono’s life.  A festival favorite worldwide, the film is based on the beloved novel by David Grossman.

Plot contains guns, suggested violence, some mature content, and death.

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“A magical and wistful atmosphere, somewhere between reality and fantasy, that captures the essence of childhood.” – Mark laSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Northwest premiere!
Sunday, January 26, 5 pm
(Ela Thier, USA, 2012, live action, 99 min)
Ages 9+. In English, Hebrew, and Vietnamese with English subtitles.

A love letter to the unshakable bond between friends, Foreign Letters is set in the pre-email era of the 1980s. Young Ellie, newly arrived to the US from Israel, waits for letters from her best friend back home as she suffers from homesickness, language difficulties and rejection at school. Her life brightens when she meets Thuy, a Vietnamese refugee her age.  The two bond and become inseparable, but they eventually hurt each other, and Ellie must find a way to restore their trust.  Based on director Ela Thier’s personal immigration experience, this is a film about the healing power of friendship between girls.
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Northwest premiere!
Pawel Wendorff, Producer of the film, will be in attendance!
Sunday, January 26, 7 pm
(Mikolaj Haremski, Poland, 2013, Live action, 90 min)
Ages 9+. In Polish with English subtitles.

Tom, 12, an orphan, lives with his grandparents. Since the death of his mother, Tom spends all his free time in the garage with Raszynski, a mechanic who teaches the boy how to repair and build cars (when he’s not contending with bullies and his nagging need to find his long lost father).  One day he follows his heart, setting off on a journey across southern Poland in a trip full of challenges and high adventures, including an encounter with a pair of bumbling jewel thieves.  He is accompanied along the way by a mysterious friend, Gabriel, who proves to be a highly intrepid and unusual road companion.
Contains some emotional subject matter, including an absent parent, dealing with bullies, and death.

West Coast premiere!
Eltana bagel buffet starts at 10am!
Saturday, January 25, 11:30 am
(Maria Peters, The Netherlands, 2012, Live action, 93 min)
Ages 9+. In Dutch, with English subtitles.
Mike is finally released from the hospital after a long and severe illness. But when he arrives home, something is wrong and no one is waiting for him. Mike Says Goodbye is full of adventure and emotional truth about a very determined, resourceful, and unafraid boy, and the lengths to which he will go to help his troubled mother.  A film about serious family matters, about getting sick and getting well, full of humor and with a very happy ending.

Contains a few swear words, and plot lines dealing, in a very sensitive way, with serious illness and addiction.

Screens with Maga’s Great Escape (Maga Barzallo Sockentickem, USA)
In conjunction with the Healing Arts Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  

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U.S. premiere!
Friday, January 31, 7 pm
(Mohammad Hassanzadeh Ghomi, Iran, 2012, Live action, 95 min)
Ages 10+. In Persian with English subtitles.

Kakooti, a girl of 13, is tenacious: she excels at school, she shops for groceries, and she goes to the city by herself to convince her uncle to repay a loan (securing medical care for her ailing mother). And on top of all this, she must contend with a bully. Along the way, viewers accompany her on all her urgent journeys.  See this film for an unforgettable slice of life inside of Iran, and to find out just how strong and determined a young girl can be.
Plot includes scenes of emotional difficulty and illness, with a happy ending!


Seattle premiere!
Saturday, February 1, 5:30 pm
(Ilgar Najav, Azerbaijan, 2011, live action, 96 min)
Ages 9+. In Azeri with English subtitles.

This gorgeous, music filled film is a magic carpet ride to far-away Azerbaijan: meet a determined boy named Buta, who must stand up to bullies and find his way in his traditional mountain village. Kids will find much to admire in the way Buta meets his many challenges, while grownups will appreciate the other stories that fill the film—the wisdom of Buta’s grandmother; another, more mysterious elder who helps guide Buta; and a gently-told tale of love between a young village woman and a visitor from the city who has been marooned in the remote village. Buta has thrilled festival audiences worldwide, and won The Golden Butterfly Prize for Outstanding Asian Film in Iran’s recent International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults.

“There’s a lovely naiveté a straightforward sense of place to this modern-day folktale”- Hollywood Reporter


Seattle premiere!
Katja von Garnier, director of Windstorm, will be in attendance!
Saturday, February 1, 1:30 pm
(Katja von Garnier, Germany, 2013, Live action, 105 min)
Ages 9+. In German, with English subtitles.

Mika, a rebellious and underachieving teen, is sent by her parents to the countryside to spend the summer with her strict grandmother, who runs a horse stable and riding school. For Mika, who has never taken care of horses before, the days at first seem to stretch on forever. But soon enough, something happens that sparks her true passion and talent: she discovers that she is a horse whisperer who is able to speak to a wild and skittish stallion named Windstorm. But can she save the magnificent and ferocious creature before it is too late? A film for horse lovers and anyone who has ever seen their own reflection in an animal’s eyes.

Contains mild, brief swearing and a more explicit curse word once in the lyrics of a song in the background.

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U.S. premiere!
Actor Rafael Kaul in attendance!
Saturday, February 1, 3 pm
(Kai Stefan Pieck, Germany, 2013, Live action, 88 min)
Ages 11+. In German, with English subtitles.

Join us post-screening for a conversation with actor Rafael Kaul, who stars in the film!
Little Ricky, aged 10, wants to be just like his older brother, 15-year-old Micha.  When he starts spying on a new girl in town, Alex, the two brothers grow close.  Then Ricky loses his heart to Alex, and old tensions between the brothers boil up again.  When Micha makes an effort to finally win Alex’s affections, he goes one step too far.  A story of sibling rivalry, adventure, and redemption.
Contains sibling rivalry, swear words, and plenty of poor choices, with lessons learned, by this film’s teenaged characters.

Screens with Emmeline (Daniela Pasquini, United Kingdom, 2012)

West Coast premiere!
Film Producer, Lei Zhao, will be in attendance!
Saturday, February 1, 7 pm
(Hou Keming and Liu Shen, China, 2012, Live action, 95 min)
Ages 7+. In Mandarin, with English subtitles.

A Mongolian boy named Husile and his white horse Chagan are inseparable. In the prairie where they live, there is a legend about a shrine, protected by the avatar horse. One day, Husile meets three wise men who come from afar in search of the avatar horse.  They are convinced that Changan is the one they are looking for, and they make the promise that a year later they will return to perform a reincarnation ceremony.  Husile’s father dismisses the story as just a child’s tale, and decides to move his family to the city and sell Chagan.  In order to keep him, Husile and his friends must launch an ingenious and adventurous rescue operation.

Screens with:
You Don’t Need Eyes to See (Yuan Tian, China)
Catch and Release (Barbara Mones, USA, 2013)

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