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Each year at Children’s Film Festival Seattle, we invite educators, schools and other groups to join us for special weekday screenings. These are excellent field trip opportunities that come complete with post-screening discussions and journal pages that kids can take back to the classroom.  In 2014, our short film programs offer a wide range of themes that are designed to appeal to pre-K through middle school students.

We are always happy to welcome children to our cozy cinemas for a chance to see films as they were meant to be seen: in community, on the big screen.

Tickets for groups of 20 or more are only $5 per person.  Some scholarships are available for students who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.  Payment in full is due on the day of the field trip.


Chose the date and time of your field trip from the list below of available dates and times.  Then select the program you would like your group to see.

Email your request to Liz Shepherd ( or call 206.829.7862 for more information.  Requests will be arranged on a first come, first-served basis, so book early!

Available Times and Dates

10 am, Mon-Thurs, Jan 27-30

11 am, 1 pm, and 1:30 pm, Fri. Jan. 31 (no school day for Seattle Public School District)
Please note: program choices for this day are limited to the pre-scheduled films and are also open to the public, so book early to ensure your seats.

10 am, Mon-Fri, Feb. 3-7 and Feb. 10-14

10 am, Mon-Fri, Feb. 17-21 (mid-winter break week for Seattle Public School District)

10 am, Mon-Fri, Feb. 24-28



Paint Me a Story
71 min.  For kindergarten and older.

Exquisite art meets incredible storytelling in this international collection of animation.  You’ll sail the high seas, travel the world, fly to the moon, and spy with your little eyes a world of wonders in this program of award-winning shorts.

Three films in German, Russian and Korean have English subtitles.

Themes: Adventure, Magic, Family Relationships, Animal Stories.

Maple Syrup (Yoshino Aoki, Japan, 2012); Edible Rocks (Stefan Gruber, USA, 2012);Winter Has Come (Vassiliy Shlychkov, Russia, 2012); The Whale Story (Tess Martin, USA, 2012); Noodle Fish (Kim Jin-Man, Korea, 2012); My Strange Grandfather(Dina Velikovskaya, Russia, 2011); My Mum is an Aeroplane (Julia Aronova, Russia, 2012); Lola (Franck Janin, France, 2011); High Above the Sky (Kim Noce and Shaun Clark, United Kingdom, 2012); The Fox who Followed the Sound(Fatemah Goudarzi, Iran, 2012); I Spy with My Little Eye (Alexandra Nebel, Germany, 2012).


Cinema Magic
74 min. Grades 5-middle school.

Sometimes, growing up requires a little magic. In these four beautiful live-action films, the common thread is metamorphosis — the moment when young people are able to shift and grow, and see their lives from a new perspective. The kids in these films rise to the challenge, and change right along with their sometimes difficult circumstances.

Some scenes of emotional difficulty and a few moments that might seem a bit frightening to very sensitive viewers. There are happy, though realistic, endings.

Films in Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian and Basque, with English subtitles.

Themes: Growing Up, Overcoming Difficulties, Transformation.

Anouar and the Moon (Michiel van Jaarsveld, The Netherlands, 2013); The Other Side (Khen Shalem, Israel, 2011); The Raining Tree (Andra Fembriarto, Indonesia, 2013); Under the Bed (David Zabala & Paul Urkijo, Spain, 2011).


60 min. Grades 4 and up.

These nine animated and one live action films have been assembled to remind us that our planet is a beautiful place, filled with magnificent creatures and fragile ecosystems, and that its fate hangs in the balance. Let’s change the future!

One film has a sad ending, but all are meant to instill a renewed awe for the earth.

Films in Spanish, Mandarin and French have English subtitles.

Themes: the environment, climate change, endangered animals, the beauty of the earth.

A Walk in the Woods (Tess Martin, USA, 2012); The Mole at Sea (Anna Kadykova, Russia, 2012); The Whale Bird (Sophie Roze, France, 2011); Monarch (Victor René Ramírez Madrigal & Jorge Arturo Tonero Aceves, Mexico, 2012); Eskimal (Homero Ramirez Tena, Mexico, 2011); Sandguy (Pärtel Tall, Estonia, 2013); Song of the Spindle (Drew Christie, USA, 2011); New Heaven and New Earth (Tung Jia-Shin, Taiwan, 2013); Stop Lets Change Our Future (Luigi Berio, Italy, 2012); My Forest(Sebastien Pins, Belgium, 2012).


Experiencia! Films From and About Latin America
77 min. Grades 5 and up.

From poignant stories of friendship, to fantasias about fluttering insects, to a fable of life in the Andes, these films will take you on a journey to beaches, back roads, jungles, mountaintops and bustling cities throughout Latin America.

One film has a somewhat sad (though not unexpected) ending.

Films in Spanish and Portuguese have English subtitles.

Themes: growing up, the environment, fables, adventure.

When I Grow Up (Jayro Bustamante, France, 2011); Dead Bug (Julio Benito Cabrera, Puerto Rico, 2013); Defective (Gabriela Martinez Garza and Jon Fernandez Lopez, Mexico, 2012); Tintico’s Afternoon (Alejandro Garcia Caballero, Mexico, 2012); Buenos Aires Recyclers (Nikki Schuster, Germany, 2011) A Pair of Two in the George’s Wherabout (Fernando Coelho, Brazil, 2012); Fifteen Years (Liliana Torres, Mexico, 2012); Celestino (Elizabeth Watson, Sweden, 2013).


Take Wing
65 min.  Pre-K through grade 2.

Fly away to a wonderland of international animation created for the festival’s youngest moviegoers! These short films are full of eye-popping color, catchy tunes and sweet stories that will take kids to the moon and back.

One Russian film has English subtitles.

Themes: music, animals, joyful journeys.

Alimation (Alexandre Dubosc, France, 2011); Papa Cloudy (Akiko McQuerrey, USA, 2012); My Little Chicken (Jeremy Diamond & Alex Hawley, USA, 2011); Love Affair with the Sun(Lim Dong-in, Seo Seol-lim, Korea, 2012); Birthday Party (Denis Seleznyov, Ukraine, 2013); Mira’s Night (Elyse Kelly, USA, 2011); On the Wing (Vera Myakisheva, Russia, 2012); Miriam’s Kite (Riho Unt, Estonia, 2013); Sky Color (Peter H. Reynolds, John Lechner & Gary Goldberger, USA, 2012); Kind Moon(Nazanin Sobhan-Sarbandi, Iran, 2012); Twins in Bakery (Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 2012); Snowflake (Natasha Chernishova, Russia, 2012); Snowball(Tess Martin, USA, 2013); Into Spring (Udo Prinsen, The Netherlands, 2012); Martina (Urko Mauduit, Spain, 2013); Subway Train (Garrett Davis, USA, 2011).


Dare to Dream
67 min. Grades 5 through middle school.

The boys and girls in these fictional and documentary films are determined to make a difference in the world. Race through a busy day with an Indian student, save animals with a boy from Taiwan, soar through the air with a circus kid, feel your way to creating art with a blind Chinese girl and dance up a storm with a talented teen from The Netherlands.

Scenes of emotional difficulty around issues of bullying, poverty and neglected animals.

Films in Mandarin and Dutch are subtitled in English.

Themes: Growing up, family life,  overcoming difficulties.

Eyes on the Stars (The Rauch Brothers, USA, 2012); AMAR (All Great Achievements Require Time) (Andrew Hinton, India, 2011); Making It (The Rauch Brothers, USA, 2012); The Little Dog Savior (Huang Hung-Ju, Taiwan, 2013); Jump(Aimée-Lee X. Curran, Australia, 2013); You Don’t Need Eyes to See (Yuan Tian, China); Dancing with Style (Xander de Boer, The Netherlands, 2012).


Tales That Stand Up Tall
74 min.  Grades 3 and up.

Here’s a group of legends, fairy tales and fables, told in stunning animation and live action. You’ll swim to an enchanted Italian villa, go on a voyage through the night sky, find out why the wily fox doesn’t always win his battles and travel deep inside an ice cave to melt a mystery.

There are a few tense moments, when very sensitive viewers might worry about the underdog in battles between foxes and birds; but there are happy endings.

Films in Italian, Russian, and Danish have English subtitles.

Themes: Legends, fairy tales and fables.

Wake-up! (Maristella Bonomo & Massimo Piovesana, Italy, 2012); A Tale about a Christmas Tree (Maria Mouat, Russia, 2012); The Boy and the Moon (Rino Alaimo, Italy/United Kingdom, 2012); The Fox and the Chickadee (Evan DeRushie, Canada, 2013); Mammy Crow and the Fox (Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh, Iran, 2012); The Secret of the Ice Flower (Jacob Ley, Denmark, 2012).


Reel World
79 min.  Middle school and up.

These live-action and animated films will take kids on a trip around the world, to see how people live in dozens of countries. These are documentary and fiction films, but all tell a truth about the world and parts of it we don’t have a chance to see very often.

For middle school grades and older. The program is largely upbeat, but there are a few films with subject matter that includes different perspectives of religion, depictions of poverty and the aftermath of war.  A program for mature kids.

Films in Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew.

Themes: exploring different cultures, a child’s right to education, the consequences of war, a child’s right to have fun and play.

My Daddy is a Movie Director (German Roda, Spain, 2012); Faces from Places(Bastien Dubois, France, 2013); Sled (Yassine El Idrissi, Morocco, 2012); God is Kidding (Boaz Balachsan and Dima Tretyakov, Israel, 2012); Happy Birthday(Mohanad Hayal, Iraq/United Kingdom/The Netherlands, 2012); A Tropical Sunday(Fabian Ribezzo, Italy/Mozambique, 2013).


Talk to the Animals
65 min. Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

If you love critters big and small, come watch them soar, roar, creep and race through this action-packed and colorful program of animation from 10 countries.

One film has lots of text in English.

International Father’s Day (Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2012); Big Block Singsong: Big Foot (Warren Brown, Canada); Hula Hoop (Tess Martin, USA, 2012); Big Block Singsong: Owl (Warren Brown, Canada); Goose Trouble (Monika Dovnar, Germany, 2013); The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots of Goats (Will Rose, United Kingdom, 2012); The Squeakiest Roar (Maggie Rogers, United Kingdom, 2011);Sniffles (Jeremy Galante & David Cowles, USA, 2012); The Little Bird and the Leaf(Lena von Döhren, Switzerland, 2012); The Delirious Tales: The Chicken, the Elephant, and the Snake (Fabrice Luang-Vija, France/Belgium, 2012); Acho on the Road (Soyeon Kim, USA/Korea, 2013); Snap (Thomas G. Murphy & Hilere, Belgium/United Kingdom, 2012); The Race (Jacques Khouri, USA/Canada, 2013);Rabbit and Deer (Péter Vácz, Hungary, 2013).


One of a Kind
76 min. Grades 3 and up.

Differences make the world go ’round in this program of live action and animated films, filled with characters who learn to celebrate what makes them special.

Includes a few scenes of emotional difficulty that characters overcome.

Two films are in Mandarin and Italian, with subtitles.

Big Block Singsong: Different (Warren Brown, Canada); Big Mouth (Andrea Dorfman, Canada, 2012); Girl with the World in her Hair (Debbie Howard, United Kingdom, 2011); Paper Bag Boy (Enson Huang, Taiwan, 2012); Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let it be Bigger and Bigger (Lei Lei, China, 2012); Juliet on Her Bicycle(Marcos Flavio Hinke, Brazil, 2012); Shame and Glasses (Alessandro Riconda, Italy, 2013); The Magic Ferret (Alison Parker, Canada, 2013); While You Weren’t Looking (Jeremy Mackie, USA, 2012); Hannah and the Moon (Kate Charter, United Kingdom, 2012).


Path Waves: An Indigenous Showcase
62 min.  Grades 5 and up.

Co-presented with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and Longhouse Media

This program invites kids to explore the joys and challenges of Native experience in our world today. Hand-drawn animations, reimagined legends, inquisitive documentaries, and fun youth-made live action stories all come together to spark curiosity about the many rich histories and vibrant cultures of indigenous peoples throughout North America.

There is a brief mention of suicide in one film that is about affirming the experience of life.

Three films in French have English subtitles.

Shhh! (Steven Judd, USA), Correcting the Chalkboard (Collectif empreintes-engage-toi, Canada), Beboon & Zigwaan (Bug O Nay Ge Shig School, USA), People of the Water (Longhouse Media, USA), Indian Taxi (Kevin Papatie and Abraham Côté, Canada), Injunuity: Two Spirit (Adrian Baker, USA), My Journey (Tshiuetin Vollant, Canada), How Agate Pass Came to Be (Longhouse Media, USA), Injunuity: The Great Law (Adrian Baker, USA), My Name is Kobe (Briana Roberts, USA), SIGO: A Hunter’s Story (Longhouse Media, USA), They Grow Together (Marion Konwennenhon Delaronde, Canada), The Joy of Living (Jeremy Vassilou, Canada)



All programs take place in Northwest Film Forum’s cinemas. We can accommodate 120 people per show in our larger theater; 50 people in the smaller. Group programs will be scheduled in both the large and small theater spaces, depending on total tickets sold, availability and other factors.

Subtitles. Many programs in the festival contain subtitles. In programs for grades Pre-K-3, subtitles are limited and will not interfere with children’s enjoyment of the program. Please inquire about individual programs. Subtitle readers can be arranged upon request for students in grades 3 and older with reading disabilities.

Introductions, discussions and journal pages with each program! A festival staffer will introduce each film program. Upon request, the staffer will also lead a post-screening discussion. Each student attending the festival will receive a journal page on which to record festival impressions.

Grade recommendations. All films are listed with a grade recommendation intended to guide teachers when selecting screenings for their students. These recommendations are based on our experience and knowledge, but we recognize that children respond in varied ways and therefore leave the final decision to you.  Some programs contain very limited instances of course language or emotionally difficult scenes, brief images that may be too intense for the most sensitive children and very mild violence.  Please read program descriptions carefully and inquire further upon booking if you have any concerns.

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